A real estate investment firm that

manages brokerage services, too.

Trusted, convenient, effective – all qualities that are essential to a successful brokerage relationship. They’re also at the heart of every interaction with Hempel. The real estate investment firm provides a range of high-quality, effective brokerage services for its properties, including:


At Hempel, the leasing and marketing team takes an in-depth approach on understanding each asset’s objectives and developing a “lease up” strategy. We understand the complexities in the marketplace and respond with recommendations so the asset is ahead of the market in performance. This hands-on approach to building relationships with existing tenants, tenants looking for space and among the brokerage community is instrumental in achieving our goals.

Tenant Representation

We understand the value of a well-negotiated lease. Hempel provides your firm with the market expertise necessary to facilitate a real estate transaction that aligns with your company’s goals.  We also understand that the space a company occupies reflects its culture and, if done right, can drive productivity and operational efficiency.

Acquisition/Disposition Services

Hempel bring years of experience  to commercial real estate acquisition or disposition. From small-user buildings to large multi-tenant income-producing properties, we have represented clients in negotiating complex real estate transactions. We’ll help you understand the current market pricing and develop strategies that realize maximum value for your business.


Hempel holds the keys to some of the most desirable properties. The Hempel portfolio features a diverse collection of properties in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market. Located in both downtown and prime suburban areas, our properties include assets in the retail, office and hospitality markets. Looking for access to premier addresses in the Twin Cities? Explore the full list of Hempel’s current properties.

Brokerage team

Integrity and intense dedication only begin to describe the energetic Hempel brokerage team. With Hempel, clients receive an unbeatable, innovative project team that brings a fresh perspective to established techniques. Learn more about the dynamic individuals who lead the Hempel team.