What we do

HEMPEL is more than just commercial real estate services. We make lives better. We work hard to add value to our neighborhoods and breathe new life into buildings. We are problem solvers, and we are tenacious.

Better services.

Better brokerage.

Tenant Representation – Your company relies on its space to operate efficiently. We provide you with solutions that will drive your productivity and reflect your business culture.

Landlord Representation – You have objectives for your assets, and we can get you there.

Acquisition / Disposition – We love to solve complex real estate transactions. We’ll help you understand current market pricing and realize maximum value for your business.

Development Services – We can create a long term strategy to make your property more profitable.

Better properties.

Better communities.

We enter into complex real estate deals because we often see value where others may not. By acquiring existing assets that may be mismanaged or located in underdeveloped areas, we create opportunities that the market has overlooked.

We do meaningful development through meaningful relationships. Vacant buildings and stagnant land do not benefit anyone: Hempel fills gaps in communities by developing new buildings or redeveloping existing ones. We evaluate when there is a specific need for a tenant or amenity, and we seek to fulfill it.

Better investments.

Better returns.

Hempel holds the keys to some of the most desirable properties in the Midwest. The Hempel portfolio features a diverse collection of properties in the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Milwaukee markets.

Located in both downtown and prime suburban areas, our properties include assets in the retail, office, and multifamily markets.

Looking for space?

Hempel’s portfolio features a diverse collection of properties in

Minneapolis, St. Paul and Milwaukee. Get in touch with a Hempel broker today.

Minneapolis, Minnesota